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We’re a Notary public services attorney in Bangkok, We’re proud to be the favourite for locals to meet and notarized documents in the same day, delivered straight to their home. We serve customers from every country. Various types of documents for more than 10 years with expert and experienced, every day from 09.00 until the shop closes. Come see us today!     Notary public service, document certification, signature certification Certify document copies, certify translations, Chinese translations, English translations, Japanese, Korean languages, certify signatures of directors, limited companies, public companies.

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A Notary Public Service Attorneys, who can speak English, provide notary services for many kinds of documents.
Our fee is reasonable and fixed at 500 baht per each of our Notary’s signature, seal, and stamp.

To save customers time We have delivery service.
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We Notary Public can notarized documents for both individuals and businesses, passport, translation, power of attorney, certify true signature, certify true copies documents and all kinds of international documents.


We notary publics can prepare documents in foreign languages ​​or provide translation services and certify the accuracy of translations by others


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Notary Public Service in Bangkok

 Notary Public in Bangkok In the same day Whenever you need to notarize your documents, Please call us on

063-4169675, 086-7061079 to make an appointment.

For your convenience We Notary Public Service Attorneys offer to meet clients at your business premises or residence, anywhere in Bangkok.

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We'll always give you an upfront price with no hidden costs. and strive to complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible

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Our notary offers For your convenience We Notary Public Service Attorneys offer to meet clients at your business premises or residence, anywhere in Bangkok.

Our Services

Notary public's Fee service rates

For Individuals

                 Our Notaries notarize all types of corporate or business documents, including:

  • Certified true copy of document
  • Certification of financial status Statement Notarization Certified translations, document translations, Chinese translations, English translations Japanese translation
  • Certified true translation
  • Letter of Authorization for Travel /Custodianship declaration – parents/guardians notary public
  • Certification of facts Marine protest Notary public
  • Certify the existence of the document
  • Certification of contracts between private parties Contract Agreement Notary public
  • Applicant Declaration of Oath
  • Certification of affidavit Declaration Notary public

For Businesses

                 Our Notaries notarize all types of corporate or business documents, including:

  • Certification of signatures, certification of individuals, directors of juristic persons, limited companies, public limited companies Signature Notarization and Legalization
  • Certified copy of company certificate Company documents
  • Power of attorney for apply Thai work permit
  • Certify signature on the company’s financial statements
  • Others as required by law

Our Expertise Consular Attestation and Legalization

Trusted by many nationals and embassies…

We have experience with people of many different nationalities. live in Thailand and helps them to attestation legalization with various embassies such ass the  Embassy of The People’s Republic of China, the Embassy of Spain, the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, the Embassy of Vietnam, etc.

Our Portfolio

Thailand Police Clearance Certificate

What is a Police Clearance Certificate/criminal record certificate?

Police Clearance Certificate or CID is a document to prove that the person does not have a criminal record. or any criminal case and there is no threat to national security which must be issued by the Royal Thai Police only


A Thai Police Clearance Certificate or a Good Conduct Certificate is an official document issued as a result of a background check and proof of no criminal record in Thailand with the Royal Thai Police.

We provide Fast and Convenient (within 7-10 working days) service for Thais and Foreigners based in Thailand or abroad who may need this certificate to prove their criminal record.

Police clearance certificate services fee

Police clearance certificate 5,800 baht  

Department of Consular Affairs 2,500 baht 

Have a criminal history Ask for more information

Our service will includes

  • Free consultation for preparing the required documents online or in-person
  • Expedited processing available to eligible clients (within 5-10 working days) (please consult us to determine our eligibility)
  • Legalization of document with the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and authentication or legalization document at the Embassy of the country where the documents will be filed (upon the client’s requirement)
  • Mailing the original document back to your preferred address worldwide

Required documents for Foreign nationals

  • Photocopy of a valid passport (Identification/Photo page)
  • Photocopy of your Visa which is issued by Thailand Immigration or Thai Embassies or Consulates
  • Photocopy of the last visa stamp in your passport (for entry into Thailand)
  • A photocopy of the Thai working permit (if available)
  • Two recent photographs 1 – 2 inches with white background
  • Two sets of the original fingerprint

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